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Wildcat Army|野猫军团| Set of 8

Wildcat Army|野猫军团| Set of 8


🔴How do you teach accountability in our children?

🔴My boy has the tendency to shift the blame to others and not admit his mistakes when he gets into trouble. Maybe he is afraid of the scolding and punishment.

🔴One way to teach accountability is through natural and logical consequences.

🔴So one reason why I love this series is although the 8 mischievous cats are always getting into trouble, I love how they will face the consequences and be responsible for their actions.

🔴Not to mention, for food lovers, this series simply scored points by featuring all the mouth-watering food!

🔴Books included in set:

《野猫军团烤面包》Wildcat Army Bakes Bread

《野猫军团开火车》Wildcat Army Drives a Train

《野猫军团吃寿司》Wildcat Army Eats Sushi

《野猫军团开飞机》Wildcat Army Flies an Airplane

《野猫军团冰淇淋王国》Wildcat Army in Ice Cream Kingdom

《野猫军团吃蛋糕》Wildcat Army Eats Cake

《野猫军团吃团子》Wildcat Army Eats Glutinous Rice Balls

《野猫军团吃咖喱饭》Wildcat Army Eats Curry Rice







Title: Wildcat Army|野猫军团| Set of 8

Author and illustrated by: 工藤纪子

Translated by: 林静、李薇、彭懿

Translated from: Japanese

Format: Softcover

Special Mention: Same author as “The Happy Chicks” and “Little Penguin Travel” Series

Suitable age: 3-6 Years Old

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