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Touch-and-Feel Animals Series |亮丽精美触摸书|Set of 4

Touch-and-Feel Animals Series |亮丽精美触摸书|Set of 4


❓Does your child prefer realistic( concrete,lifelike) or cartoon( abstract) illustrations?

👏We are super stoked to onboard this bilingual touch-and-feel series, featuring all these lifelike endearing animals that are perfect for the curious hands to explore and make sense of their world!

🐶This series provides opportunities for the young ones to actively use their sense of touch to get to know the animals as well as to learn sensory attributes such as sticky, rough, smooth, furry and many more.

🐝Mr 1.5 especially loves the “stickiness” of the honey made by the bees. He was fascinated by this “foreign” texture and kept touching the sticky surface.

Stimulate your little one’s senses and bring the animals lovers on an adventure!




Title: Touch-and-Feel Animals Series |亮丽精美触摸书|Set of 4

Author and illustrator: Maurice Pledger/ Bernard Thornton

Translator: 荣信文化编译

Originated From: UK(The Templar Company)

Format: Interactive Boardbook

Suitable age: 0-3 years old

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