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远行的刺猬  The Porcupine's Journey

远行的刺猬 The Porcupine's Journey

Embark on an adventure of a lifetime with little Hedgehog (球球 )!🦔

Let’s witness how 球球grows from a needy baby Hoglet to an independent hedgehog while mastering the survival skills in the outside world without Mummy. 🌳

How would you feel if you read that the mother hedgehog just left 球球in in the middle of the night to fend for himself? 

Zac cried. 

🧩To be honest, there are some puzzling animal behaviours that we could not understand. For example, this “abandonment” by the mother before the baby grows up. 

We googled.

“Young hedgehogs will leave the nest when they are around three to four weeks old to go on foraging trips with their mother. After around ten days of foraging with their mother,  the young will wander off on their own or the mother will leave them to fend for themselves.”

🤯That is truly mind-blowing. So to the hedgehogs, “abandonment” by the mother is a natural process of growing up. 

🧬One thing I like about this series, other than the amazing pop-ups, is how scientific facts are communicated in the fictional narrative. Children will learn about the wonders of the animal kingdom as well as courage and independence from the animals. 

This first book of  the《好好玩生命科学系列》 is about the beautiful interaction between science and art.🎭🎨 

Amazing Life Pop-up Books Series 2 (Set of 4)
Learning theme : Nature and Independence Age : 2+and above
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