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蚂蚁的地下王国  The Ants  Kingdom

蚂蚁的地下王国 The Ants Kingdom


 This book started off with how 小蚂蚁多多 struggled but finally managed to move the fruit with the help of others ants.  We also have a chance to explore the mysterious home of the ants!

I find this series very useful for teaching kids how to appreciate nature to insects as small as ants.Other than learning about the importance of teamwork, we learnt that the ants community is actually very organised. The ants have different roles such as the worker ants are  responsible for taking care of the larva, building nests and sourcing food for the Queen ants.


Amazing Life Pop-up Books Series 2 (Set of 4)

Learning Themes: Teamwork and Perseverance

Age: 2+ and above

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