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Space Exploration Playset Bundle A

Space Exploration Playset Bundle A


Meet our Latest Space Exploration Playset


There are many ways of playing around with this playset:

🪐For the younger ones, match to the planets in the book while reading.

🪐For the older ones, let them arrange the sequence of the planets and rotate them around the sun.

🪐Pretend play and storytelling! Imagine yourself as the astronaut travelling to different planets!

How about adding on to the challenge by learning the names of the planets in Chinese?

📚Pairing it up with our Hello world! Solar System board book in Chinese. Each page is filled with bite-sized information about the planets which is not exhaustive for young minds.

There are just countless learning possibilities for this steller learning through play bundle! Limited quantities as these felt toys are all handmade with love!

Title: 你好,世界!太阳系| Hello World! Solar System

Author and illustrator : Jill McDonald

Translator: 薛婷

Translated from: English

Format: Board book

Suitable age: 1-4 years old

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