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Grace 说系列| Grace Series| Set of 3

Grace 说系列| Grace Series| Set of 3


📍This series that I’m curating is an impactful resource and will definitely aid you in your attempts to impart values to your child. Written by a Dad for his daughter, Grace, the focus of the series is on character building which touches on the “三个心❤️” : 耐心、恒心和专心.

📍I love these carefully crafted books! Written from the perspective of a child, in this case, Grace, it consequently side steps the usual top-down style common in other books that take the perspective from the parents. Scenarios that children will encounter daily are used - all of which make the stories easy for any child to identify with. Its non-threatening and the “小孩来教小孩” perspective, definitely makes this series an invaluable teaching aid.









📍One feature of this series is the predictable, repetitive text structures. Repetition helps in

leaving a deeper impression in the child and increase their confidence in reading.






Title: Grace 说系列| Grace Series| Set of 3

Author and illustrator: Eric Liao 廖树清

Format: Hardcover

Suitable age: 2.5 Years old and above

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