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Creativity Set : 点 (The Dot )|味儿 (Ish)

Creativity Set : 点 (The Dot )|味儿 (Ish)


🗣What you say to a child matters. If our praise focuses on effort ( “ I can see that you put in a lot of effort!” ) instead of intelligence, we are cultivating a growth mindset in our children that they can achieve something if they put in the hard work.

🔴I was reminded of this book “The dot” (点) that talks about how a teacher’s gentle urging and encouragement give a child the confidence and motivation to try something that she thinks she can’t. This eventually leads her to discover her artistic potential. The most wonderful thing is that this perseverance and courage to keep trying something spread to others too.



老师: 那就随便画一笔,看看能画出什么。




🔴This is a book that every parent and child must read.This is a book for children who think they can’t do something. This is a book that will

help to transform your child’s thinking from “ I can’t do it” to “ I can’t do it yet.”

🔴Another delightful book with the same free-spirited illustration in this series is “Ish” ( 味儿). Both protagonists embark on their self-discovery journey of where their creativity and determination can bring them to. Definitely a series worth keeping in your home library!





Title: Creatrilogy Set : 点 (The Dot )|味 (Ish)

Author and illustrator: Peter H. Reynolds

Translated from : English

Translator: 刑培健

Format: Hardcover

Special mention: Oppenheim Platinum Toy Award, Borders Books' Original Voices Award, and the Christopher Medal.

Suitable age: 3 years old and above

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