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7只老鼠系列 |7 Little Mice l Set of 4

7只老鼠系列 |7 Little Mice l Set of 4


In the heartwarming tale of '七只老鼠' (Seven Little Mice), readers are invited into the charming world of a mouse family. This delightful series showcases the remarkable unity within the family as they tackle various challenges in their daily lives. Each mouse assumes a unique role, coming together seamlessly to overcome obstacles. Through their adventures, children are gently reminded of the invaluable lesson of teamwork.

'七只老鼠' is a captivating and educational series that beautifully illustrates the importance of collaboration and unity."






Author: 三下明生

illustrated by:岩村和朗

Translated from: Japanese

Translator: 彭懿

Format: Softcover

Suitable age: 4 years old and above

Series include:





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