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3D镜面绘本系列: 《今天吃什么》《不可思议的彩虹》|3D Mirror Series

3D镜面绘本系列: 《今天吃什么》《不可思议的彩虹》|3D Mirror Series


Get ready for a 3 dimensional (3D) visual experience as you stimulate a baking journey and observe the movement of rainbows with your little ones! 🥞

Using simple science of mirror reflection, the illustrations are so realistic that the little one felt that they are involved in the food preparation.  Just as fun but minus the mess! Is the rainbow shooting out from the book? How many rainbows are there ? 🌈

🪞The 3D feature improves the little one’s spatial awareness and cultivates creativity. Babies below 1  will also learn to recognise themselves as they explore the mirror reflection of their own faces!  It is a series that can be enjoyed by children of all ages!
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