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100个圣诞老人   |     大个子圣诞老人和小个子圣诞老人

100个圣诞老人 | 大个子圣诞老人和小个子圣诞老人

Have you ever wondered what keeps Santa Claus busy apart from the Christmas Season?This book will definitely set your child up for the Christmas mood as we see how the 100  Santa Claus make use of their different strengths to prepare all year long for this special occasion, ranging from grooming of Christmas trees , riding of sleighs to making rainbows.
This is a story between Petite Santa Claus and Giant Santa Claus. They were never on talking terms despite staying beside each other. Until one day, they both received an unexpected gift request which felt almost like mission impossible...Except  if they decided to help each other. Although the story plot is quite predictable, I like how the spirit of helping each other is emphasised in this book. 
By : 山口智则
Translated From: Japanese 
Format: Hardcover 
Suitable age: 3-7
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