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黑夜的秘密| The secret of darkness

黑夜的秘密| The secret of darkness


🔴“Disconnect to connect”, try putting away your digital devices and experience a fun time with shadows with your little ones!

🔴For a 2 years old, their fear of darkness and sleeping alone begin increasingly challenging.

🔴This bedtime shadow book helps them to discover the beauty of darkness. Darkness can be vibrant, darkness can be magical! Just turn out the lights and enjoy the sensory experience!

🔴It makes a nice addition to your child's bedtime routine and soothes them to sleep while reading in the dark!

🔴Don't let those opportunities to create fond memory pass you by and give your child the best gift of your attention!



Title: 黑夜的秘密| The secret of darkness

Author and illustrated by: 柚子鸭

Format: Hardcover

Suitable age: 0-4 years old

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