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鳄鱼先生立体农场| Bilingual Mr Croc 3D farm

鳄鱼先生立体农场| Bilingual Mr Croc 3D farm

We heard you! Our Bilingual Mr Croc 3D house was a hit with the little ones and so we we are bringing you Mr Croc in the farm!

I have a soft spot for books that are so ingeniously designed. Once opened up, this “book” will transform into a vibrant farm with four different spaces . Not to mention, you can also conveniently fold and keep the book aside. 

We have shared various ways of engaging your little ones with this versatile pop-up house:

🌱Name the items in English and Chinese
🌱Hide and seek 

Imagine the amount of fun and learning that can take place with this endearing book box! You child will learn:

🍀Object or animal recognition
🍀 Spatial awareness 
🍀 Prepositions
🍀 Imagination expression
🍀Object Permanence

Title: 鳄鱼先生的农场| Mr Croc’s 3D Pop-up Farm
Author and illustrator:
Translator: 乐乐趣
Translated from: English 
Format: Interactive Pop-up Book Box 
Special mention: Shortlisted for the British Sheffield Children's Book Award and sold more than 1 million copies
Suitable age: 1.5- 4years old
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