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鳄鱼先生的游戏屋| Mr Croc’s 3D Pop-up House

鳄鱼先生的游戏屋| Mr Croc’s 3D Pop-up House


Are you worried about how to meaningfully engage your little ones when going outdoor is not an option?During this period of tightened measures, we are bringing your little ones some stay-at-home fun with our Bilingual Mr Croc 3D house!


I have a soft spot for books that are so ingeniously designed. Once opened up, this “book” will transform into a vibrant house with four different spaces . Not to mention, you can also conveniently fold and keep the book aside.


We have shared four ways of engaging your little ones with this versatile pop-up house:🌱Name the items in English and Chinese



🌱Hide and seek

Imagine the amount of fun and learning that can take place with this endearing book box!



Title: 鳄鱼先生的游戏屋| Mr Croc’s 3D Pop-up House

Author and illustrator: Hachette Children's Group

Translator: 乐乐趣

Translated from: English

Format: Interactive Pop-up Book Box

Special mention: Shortlisted for the British Sheffield Children's Book Award and sold more than 1 million copies

Suitable age: 1.5- 4years old

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