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饺子和汤圆|Dumpling and Rice Ball

饺子和汤圆|Dumpling and Rice Ball

What could be a better way to learn about our Chinese culture and tradition than through food?

This cute little book talks about the friendship between Glutinous rice ball and Dumpling. Though they are very different, there’s one thing that keeps them together! 

Do you know that eating Glutinous rice balls (汤圆)on Lantern Festival (元宵节)symbolises reunion (团圆)?The round ball shape and the pronunciation of tangyuan represent being together with your beloved one and family reunion.

🥟How about Dumpling(饺子)?Don’t you think it looks like the ancient silver and gold ingots which symbolise wealth? Dumpling is usually eaten on the first day of CNY in the northern part of China. 

What a tangible and interesting way to introduce our Chinese culture to the little food lovers! You can even make rice balls and dumplings with your child to have some hands-on experience !
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