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镜子转转转|Mirror Play

镜子转转转|Mirror Play


🪞If you love our 3D mirror series previously, you would probably love this interactive book of play as well!

🧭Using simple science of mirror reflection, your little one gets to explore with their curious hands to find out what is hidden in the magic mirror!

👀With few simple turns that involve hand-eye coordination, the child will be surprised to see magic taking place right in front of their eyes!

🌋A volcano erupting? A frocking frog ? Or a splitting banana?

The mirror reflection element improves the little one’s spatial awareness and cultivates creativity too!

We just can’t get enough of books that are so ingeniously designed!😆

*Do remember to peel off the protective sheet from the mirror.






Title: 镜子转转转》|Mirror Play

Author and illustrated by: 申晶援

Translated by:朱雯霏

Translated from: Korean

Format: Hardcover

Special Mention:

Suitable age: 2.5 years old and above

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