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逛商店街|Let’s go shopping!

逛商店街|Let’s go shopping!


🔴Pandemic isolation can be a struggle for the child as well as the parent.

🔴Here’s a book to recommend if you are stuck at home and would love to bring the outside world to your child.

🔴Join us on a shopping trip and visit 37 stores to satisfy your shopping lust.


🔴Everything in this book was drawn according to real-life scenarios in Japan and they provide the perfect pretend play settings which encourage expressive language.

“ What do you like to eat for lunch?”

“ Do you like cheesecake or strawberry cake?”

“ Which shop should I visit if I were to buy books?”

🔴Make a guess how long did the author take to complete this book?

🔴15 years!

🔴I’m sure there are many details for you and your child to explore!






Title: 逛商店街|Let’s go shopping

Author and illustrated by: 齐藤忍 Saito, Shinobu

Translated by: 郭孚

Translated from: Japanese

Format: Hardcover

Special Mention: 15 years were used to complete this book!

Suitable age: 2 years old and above

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