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这不是书| This is not a book

这不是书| This is not a book


Never underestimate the power of imagination in our little ones!


This is a playful book that challenges our children to see things from different angles and rethink creatively what a book can be.


Another wordless book and without the limitation of text, you can let the child’s imagination run wild.


What happens when Mr 1.5 comes face to face with a monster with its mouth wide open? He feeds him food and it is ready to chomp all the food that comes its way! “ Ouch, Mummy’s hands!”


What happens when he finds a laptop that he is infatuated with? He is excited and starts typing away like the dad. “ I’m working just like Dad !”


We take joys in such fun imaginative play through a book and enjoy opportunities to think and imaginecreatively.




Title: 《这不是书》| This is not a book

illustrator: Jean JullianT

ranslator: 浪花朵朵童书

Translated from: French

Format: Board Book Special mentions: Selected by Publisher’s weekly as one of the best books in 2016

Suitable age: 1-4 years old

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