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《超级兔子》《超级乌龟》|Super Bunny Super Tortoise

《超级兔子》《超级乌龟》|Super Bunny Super Tortoise


Author and illustrated by:俞雪花

Translated from: Korean

Translator: 谢恭霓

Format: Hardcover

Suitable age: 4 years old and above


Have you wondered what happened to the rabbit after the humiliating loss against the tortoise?

The rabbit was defeated by the tortoise and he couldn’t take the failure well. He had never lost before and he vowed to quit running once and for all. However, ever since he stopped running, he realised that he had lost its source of joy! Eventually,he picked himself up and decided to use his passion, and strength which is running, to help those in need. He learnt that the most important thing is to enjoy what you like to do and see failures as important lessons to strengthen ourselves.


Everyone celebrated for the tortoise’s surprise victory. He was idolised and held in high regard by other animals. However, the tortoise felt the immense pressure to match up to people’s expectation of him. He was forced to train his speed everyday and eventually he became the fastest animal around. However, he was not happy at all. What he yearned to do everyday was to live a slow life and enjoy his books and flowers. As the tortoise was too tired from his training, he fell asleep in his second race against the rabbit. He was disappointed but he had never slept so well before.

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