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赞美之泉儿童有声书 2 |Stream of Praise Music Board Book 2

赞美之泉儿童有声书 2 |Stream of Praise Music Board Book 2


🙏It’s never too early to train our children in faith. In fact, their childlike faith never fails to encourage me to trust fully in our God.

🎶What better ways to nurture their faith in God than to teach them about Jesus through Music?

🎵We are excited and honoured to stock Stream of Praise Music Board books! It is such a blessing for our children to grow up knowing this loving God and worshiping him through Mandarin worship songs!

❤️Features that we love about Stream of Praise Music Board Book:

1. We enjoy the lyrical and sweet-sounding melody.

2. You can control the volume of the music with a button.

3. It is bilingual! There is English translation below the traditional Chinese lyrics which is especially helpful for English-speaking parents!

4. There is a bible verse for each song which helps us to nurture our child’s faith.

5. Dry erase colouring pages for your child to doodle on.

* Batteries will be complementary.






6 short Chinese Christian songs suitable for all music lovers:

1. 别担心 Don’t Worry

2. 耶穌是我的好朋友 Jesus You Are My Best Friend

3. 彩虹 Rainbow

4. 愛我的天父 I Have A Father

5. 新的一天 A Brand New Day

6. 靠主得勝 God Is My Victory

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