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贝琳达励志故事集| Belinda, the ballerina Series | Set of 4

贝琳达励志故事集| Belinda, the ballerina Series | Set of 4

1.”Belinda Begins Ballet” | 《大脚Y学芭蕾》

•Imperfections are not limitations

Belinda’s big feet were a joke and her teacher  insisted her to play the clown in the Talent Show.  However, Belinda did not let her innate shortcoming limit her from chasing her ballet dream. 

Through sheer determination and passion, she mastered challenging ballet moves and surprised many during the Talent Show. 

2.“Belinda, the  Ballerina” | 《大脚Y跳芭蕾》

•Discouragement is part of the learning journey

Belinda believed in the negative voices that she was not cut for dancing because of her big feet. Dejected, she decided to give up her passion but only to discover that she was most happy when dancing!  

Witness how Belinda rises from rejection and picks herself up to pursue her ballet dream. 

3.“Belinda in Paris ” | 《大脚Y游巴黎》

•Obstacles are opportunities for growth

Belinda’s ballet shoes were misplaced one day before her performance. Instead of throwing a pity party, Belinda made  use of her wits and resourcefulness to think of solutions. 

See how Belinda persists in the face of setbacks and delivers a magnificent performance.

4. 2.“Belinda, and the glass slipper ” | 《大脚Y的玻璃鞋》

•Find inspiration and not jealousy in the success of others  

Belinda ‘s arch rival, Lola was engulfed by her own jealousy when Belinda was selected as the main dancer. She felt threatened by Belinda’s success and decided to take things in her own hands. 

Follow Belinda and see how she overcomes obstacles and dances back into the limelight.

🩰I really like the protagonist in this series. Belinda,  the ballerina actively displayed the different traits of a growth mindset. She did not allow negatives voices, obstacles and her 
imperfections to limit her. I’m truly touched by her perseverance in overcoming all odds to achieve her dream. 

Title: 贝琳达励志故事集| Belinda, the ballerina Series | Set of 4 
Author and illustrator: Amy Young 
Translated from : English 
Format: Hardcover
Special mention: 2006 年美国童书协会儿童评选最爱童书奖 
Suitable age: 3-9 years old
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