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诺一的神秘客人|The Storm Whale | Set of 2

诺一的神秘客人|The Storm Whale | Set of 2


Many children would be able to identify with Noi, the protagonist in this heartwarming story. The story opens with Noi alone at home with the six cats while his Dad worked all day to provide for the family.

🐳One day, Noi found a stranded baby whale washed up on the shore after a storm. Craving for company, he decided to rescue and secretly bring this whale home to care for it. How long can Noi keep this new friend from his Dad?

A beautiful story that encourages discussion about feeling lonely and saying goodbye to something loved.

❤️Have you made deposits in the memory of your children?




Title: 诺一的神秘客人|The Storm Whale

Author and illustrator: Benji Davies ( Author of the Bizzy Bear series)

Translated from: English

Translator: 范晓星

Format: Softcover

Special Mention: Children's book of the year at the Sainsbury's Children's Book Award

Suitable age: 3years old and above

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