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自私的巨人| The Selfish Giant

自私的巨人| The Selfish Giant


This is a classic story that follows the transformation of a giant from selfish and angsty to someone who is caring and joyful .

The change is definitely not overnight but we see how love and care can melt the hardest of heart.

Some children, especially boys are kinesthetic learners. “Meaning, they are likely to attach their learning to movements. ”~ Michael Gurian. Let them gain some control of the storytelling process by interacting with the pop-ups, flip-a-flap and pull-a-tag!

Or if you have an audio learner at home, the eight sound buttons in “The Selfish Giant” will definitely help your child enjoy a book on their own when your hands are full !

Title: 自私的巨人| The Selfish Giant

Adapt from : Oscar Wilde

Translated by: 乐范茵、甫嘉、邓舒予

Format: Hardcover Pop Up Sound Book

Suitable age: 18 months and above

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