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《翻开这本小小的书》| Open this little book

《翻开这本小小的书》| Open this little book


One of the things that makes me smile is when my son encounters a book that will make him excited to keep asking “ 然后呢?”


This is exactly what happened when we opened this little book that celebrates the love for books and friendship.


As we opened this book, we would find another book... and another ... and another, each book decreasing in size, adding a layer of colour until the whole book itself is a rectangle rainbow. Five characters in five different books, what kind of story will unfold between them?


We were charmed by the small details and the play of colours and sizes present in this book. ( not going to reveal the fun here!)


Who says that books are boring? For this generation who are so used to tapping on their ipad, I’m glad we can show them something that an iPad cannot do.




Title: 《翻开这本小小的书》| Open this little book

Author : Jesse Klausmeier

illustrator: Renowned Korean picture book artist, Suzy Lee

Translator: 付剑

Translated from: English Format: Hardcover

Special mentions: 2013 Boston Globe-Horn Book Award, Amazon Best Book award, International Literacy Association Children’s Book Award

Suitable age: 3-6 years old

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