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糖球| Mind Reading

糖球| Mind Reading

“There is something powerful about words and when they are not spoken, it can feel like a void that may never be filled.” ~ Jenny Yang PhD Psychologist @asiansformentalhealth

I chanced upon this quote shared by @chalkacademy and it beautifully summed up my reflections after reading 《糖球》by Baek Heena , a renowned Korean picture book artist. 

《糖球》tells the story of a boy, Dong Dong who chanced upon some magical sweets that enabledo him to listen to the inner voices of the people and things around him.

This moving story speaks to the heart of parents who don’t outwardly express their love for the child.  

Dong Dong’s father nagged about every single detail of his life and it was only with the help of the magical sweet that Dong Dong was able to hear “I love you “ amidst all the constant nagging. 

This is a imaginative piece for children who are afraid to step out of their comfort zone to form new friendships.

For someone who is a loner and finds hard to express himself, these magical sweets taught Dong Dong a valuable lesson— to move forward, you have to take the first step. 


Title: 糖球 | Mind Reading 
Author and illustrator: 白希娜  |Baek Heena
Translated from : Korean 
Translator: 明书
Format: Hardcover
Special mention: 2018年“第十一届MOE绘本大赏”,2019年“日本绘本大赏”读者赏,入选2018年国际儿童读物联盟(IBBY)荣誉榜单
Suitable age: 3-9 years old
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