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  病毒病毒,我不怕!| Virus Go Away!

病毒病毒,我不怕!| Virus Go Away!

Our life has changed so much since the Covid-19 pandemic started. How is your child coping with the new normal ? 

If you have a little one who does not understand why we have to wear masks when we are out or why they have to maintain social distancing with their friends, here’s sharing with you this interactive pop-up book that talks everything about coronavirus. 

This is a timely book to teach our little ones about 

1️⃣What is coronavirus ?
2️⃣Where do they come from?
3️⃣How do they transmit? 
4️⃣Ways to protect yourself from the virus
5️⃣What happens if we are sick?

This is one of the most interactive and comprehensive books about the Coronavirus yet it is not too complicated for the young minds to understand. 

As tragic and frightening as this virus is, something that I like about this book is it conveys a sense of hope and optimism that we will overcome all odds.

“病毒病毒,我不怕!” Let’s win this battle together! 

Title:  病毒病毒,我不怕!
Author and illustrator : 穆相珍
Format: Hardcover Pop-up book
Suitable age: 3-Primary School
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