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爷爷的天堂岛 .我和奶奶的夏天 |Grandad’s island.Grandma’s bird  | Set of 2

爷爷的天堂岛 .我和奶奶的夏天 |Grandad’s island.Grandma’s bird | Set of 2



Do you ever have to explain the loss of a loved one to your little ones?

I love how 《爷爷的天堂岛》talks about love and loss in a subtle and heartwarming manner.

《爷爷的天堂岛》| Grandad’s Island tells a story of a Granddad who embarks on an adventure with his Grandson, Syd to a faraway island. They had such a great time exploring and making friends with all the animals.




It was a perfect place and Grandad decided to stay behind when it was time to go home. Syd knew that he would miss his Grandad dearly as he bid him goodbye reluctantly.

Loss and grief are an inevitable part of life but the delightful illustrations by Benji Davies have made this story so therapeutic and healing to the heart.

And I guess the most beautiful take away for me is understanding the fleeting nature of life and treasuring our loved ones while we can.


Noi isn't at all sure about staying at Grandma's. Grandma boils seaweed for soup, and there's not much to do on the tiny island where she lives where the wind cuts in and the grass grows sideways... but that's before Noi gets swept up in the dramatic rescue that will mark the beginning of their touching new friendship






Title: 《爷爷的天堂岛》《我和奶奶的夏天》| Grandad’s Island .Grandma’s Bird

Author and illustrator: Benji Davies ( Author of the Bizzy Bear series)

Translated from: English

Translator: 范晓星

Format: Softcover

Special Mention: Children's book of the year at the Sainsbury's Children's Book Award

Suitable age: 3years old and above

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