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爱上幼儿园| In love with preschool | Set of 6

爱上幼儿园| In love with preschool | Set of 6


I remembered dropping off Zac when he just started preschool last year was both an ordeal for him and myself.

He was screaming and crying at the top of his lungs. Some days, he could be kicking and begging us not to leave him in school. This continued for 3 whole months.

Looking back, I wish I could prepare him more to help him ease his separation anxiety and adjust to his preschool life.

《妈妈一定来接你》is a book that I wish I had read with him back then. It talks about how a mother uses her imagination to assure her child that no matter what happens, she will pick her up on time.


“那…… 要是工作堆得像小山一样高,你也会来接我吗?”


What a powerful and imaginative way of assuring our little ones that we will keep to our promise.

The other books in this series also address different issues that our children will encounter in their preschool days.

Shy to make new friends and answer questions in class? Feeling uncertain of how a typical school day is like? At a loss of how to solve conflicts with your friends? Stranger danger?

All these scenarios that our little ones may face are explained in a lighthearted and sensitive way, helping them to grow in independence and confidence day by day. The authors also featured adorable animal metaphors to express emotions, making it easier for young readers to relate to.

An empowering series for our new preschoolers that their fears about school life can eventually be overcome. This series should have a place in your home library!






Title: 爱上幼儿园| In love with preschool

Author: Various authors

illustrator : 星星鱼

Format: hardcover

Special mention: Recommended by Chinese Minister of Education

Suitable age: 3-8 years oldji

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