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点点点 变变变 | Dots Dots Dots and Mix it up!

点点点 变变变 | Dots Dots Dots and Mix it up!


There is no storyline or plot in this book; No pop-ups or pull tabs.  All you have are dots, dots and more dots. So what makes the little ones so intrigued and amused everytime we read this book?


This book works almost like an ipad. Follow the book's instructions and upon pressing on the dots,  you can see the transformations immediately on the next page. It sounds like magic! Your little ones will sure choose this book over the Ipad!


If you are introducing reading as a new habit to a kid, perhaps you could try lighthearted and interactive books such as this, as a way of inspiring some love for reading. Some books can be just for the joy of reading !

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