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🐕This is a wordless book. Yet, it shows us how a special connection between a lonely stray dog and a girl can be formed even without words. With trust and love, a new friendship can blossom in due time.

⛈One stormy night, the girl was worried about the stray dog and she rushed out braving the storm, not knowing that the dog had actually followed her home the night before. 

🏠From a stranger to a friend, from insecurity to attachment, from distrust to the warm hug in the raging storm, we are heartened to know that the stray dog has eventually found itself a forever home. 

❤️What I love is that the story is told in scenes, giving us a Disney-movie reading experience. Looking at the action filled illustrations, the little one learnt about the sequence of events and drawing inferences. 

❤️I also find wordless books especially effective in exploring emotions with our little ones as the pictures are all charged with emotions. 

“为什么… 为什么… 为什么?”

There are just so many details we can explore in a wordless book!


Title: 暴风雨|Stormy
illustrator : 郭婧 
Format: hardcover book 
Special mention: New York Times best-illustrated children's book award winner 
Suitable age: Dog-lovers of all ages
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