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我妈妈的手提包| My Mummy’s Tote

我妈妈的手提包| My Mummy’s Tote


Is it a toy? Or Is it a book?How about a book that your child can play with?


Launching our interactive “ Mummy’s tote “ to satisfy the curiosity of toddlers who like to ransack your handbag.


Children will have a fun time exploring mum’s handbag by lifting flaps, pulling tabs and turning wheels! You can even play a simple game of I-spy to find the small details in this “bag”!


Written from the perspective of a child, we have a glimpse of how this mother is like from the stuff in her handbag.


👜What does your handbag say about you? As we take on the role of a mother and wanting to give everything to our children, many mothers, be it SAHM or ftwm, tend to lose their identities in motherhood.


When was the last time you did something for yourself? When was the last time you spend time on your interests and passions?Let’s share more of who we are with our children as we continue to experience life with them !


The perfect gift for mummies and their kids!


Title: 我妈妈的手提包| My Mummy’s Tote

Author and illustrator: P.H. Hanson

Translator: 徐超

Translated from : English

Format: Interactive book 游戏立体书

Suitable age: 1-4 years old

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