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我们的身体立体书| Our body in 3D

我们的身体立体书| Our body in 3D


I would highly recommend this interactive book if your child is starting to be curious about how his / her body works.

❓Commonly asked questions such as:

Where do I come from?

Why do I perspire?

How can our five organs help us?

Why do I have to brush my teeth?

Where does the food go to?

What is underneath our skin?

How am I different from a girl/ boy?are explained visually and clearly.

👍Boy! We were awed by the realistic graphics and this interactive book can also double up as fun hands-on activities!

🧠Mr 3 loves to piece up the magnetic puzzles of the internal organs and play with the dancing skeleton.

💪Let’s empower our children with knowledge of their bodies to better protect themselves.

* Only left with the girl puzzle, Thank you!




Title: 我们的身体3D立体书|Our body in 3D

Author/ Illustrator: 哈皮童年

Format: Interactive hardcover book

Suitable age: 3 years old and above

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