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成长我最棒|The learning to get along series| Set of 15

成长我最棒|The learning to get along series| Set of 15


I’m glad that there is this series that reinforced the values and social skills that we want to inculcate in our children.

Some points in this particular book on sharing that I find useful:




✅This is an impactful teaching resource for teaching social and emotional skills to your child. The 15 books were divided into 3 segments, namely getting along with others, emotional regulation and

responsibly behaviours.

✅Scenarios that children will encounter daily are used and makes it relatable for them.

✅What we like most is the special section at the end of each book for parents and teachers. There is discussion question for each page, suggested activities and tips to reinforce the skills learnt.

A valuable upbringing teaching aid for parents and teachers! Now available in Mandarin with hypy!

Individual titles include:

Learning to get along with others

1)Join in and play

2)Share and take turn

3)Accept and value each person

4)Be careful and stay safe

5)Reach out and give

Emotional Regulation

1)Cool down and work through Anger

2)Understand and care

3)Be polite and kind

4)When I am afraid

5)Talk and work it out

Responsibly behaviours

1)Be honest and tell the truth

2)know and follow the rules

3)Listen and learn

4)Try and stick with it

5)Respect and take care of things






Title: 成长我最棒|The learning to get along series| Set of 15

Author: Cheri J.Meiners          

Illustrator: Meredith Johnson

Translated From: English

Translator: 王伟男

Format: paperback

Mentions: In 2005, Booklist named the Learning to Get Along books 'Top 5 Character Education Series'. Embraced by educators and parents.

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