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开车出发系列 |Setting Off On A Tram |Set of 7

开车出发系列 |Setting Off On A Tram |Set of 7


🗺How to show your child the world when you are stuck at home and travelling seems not going to happen in the foreseeable future?

🚞 Get ready to unfold the surprises in the book as you hop onto one of our vehicles and travel around the different scenic parts of Japan.“

“妈妈, 你看我的车可以从这个洞洞出来!”


“妈妈, 这个邮差先生也出现在这里!”

🛣The holes that Mr 3 observed actually run through the pages to represent tunnels. This is also the first book that I have encountered that can read from front to back or back to front. How brilliant is the design and cutting of this series!

🏔We have a spectacular time admiring the scenery of the countryside and enjoying the balmy breeze from the ocean. We also experienced the changing seasons in Japan and passed by a busy city that was bustling with activities.

🚪Some books are like a door that you can walk through to experience another world. This vehicle’s lover series is one of those that will help to expand your kids’ world view.

👩‍👦Yes, it’s true that we can’t satisfy our travelling lust now. But to be reading with your child in your laps is actually the best scenery to be treasured for years to come.

Books in this series

下雨天去郊游 Outing on a Rainy Day

坐电车出发 Setting Off On a Tram

坐电车去旅行 Travelling on a Tram

来信了 We've Got Mail!

开车去兜风 Going for a Car Ride

快跑,云梯消防车 Hurry, Firetruck

坐巴士出去玩 Riding on a Bus.....






Title: 开车出发系列 |Setting Off On A Tram |Set of


Author/Illustrator: 间濑直方

Translated by: 彭懿 & 周龙梅

Format: Interactive softcover book

Special mention: Sold over 400 thousand copies and voted as the top 100 Best children’s book in Japan.

Suitable age: 18 months- 5years old

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