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小鸡球球的成长系列 |Little Chick Growing Up

小鸡球球的成长系列 |Little Chick Growing Up

My son really enjoyed the many surprises when he lifted the flaps to reveal what was hidden beneath. These interactive elements engages the child and brings the story to life. What better ways to foster a love for readingi than to learn through play? 

This series centered around the themes of sharing, friendship, kidship and gratitude which are very relatable to our children. 

I love the simple childllike illustrations and soft hues that is perfect for bedtime! 
It is definitely a collection to keep in your home library! 

Title: 小鸡球球的成长系列 | Growing up Series | Set of 6
By: Satoshi Iriyama
Translated by: 崔维燕
Translated from: Japanese 
Format:  Hardback Interactive Book
Special Mention: 日本全国书店好评绘本
Suitable age: 1- 3 Years Old
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