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小兔子学存钱系列| Money Bunny| Set of 4

小兔子学存钱系列| Money Bunny| Set of 4


⁉️Were you ever caught in a situation where your child was crying and rolling on the aisle of the toys store after you said “No” to their request to buy a toy?

🛒How do you explain to them that they just can’t buy anything and everything that they like?

💸How do you introduce to them the simple concept of money and let them know that money is something that can be used up, saved, and earned?

❤️I love how 《小兔子学花钱》 uses daily scenarios to teach the children the decision-making process of buying something and differentiate their wants from their needs.

❤️I love how it makes use of carrots to represent money and makes the concept of money more tangible for the child. They can even learn simple maths through counting!

💰The other three titles in this series are 《小兔子学存钱》《小兔子学捐钱》和《小兔子学赚钱》, teaching us saving begins from something as little as ten-cent every day and we need to work hard to achieve what we want.

We have heard of Intelligence Quotient(IQ), Emotional Quotient(EQ), and Adversity Quotient(AQ), maybe it is the time to nurture Financial Quotient (FQ) in our children!

Extension activities

1. Check out @learnandgrowwithme ‘s Mama tuckshop activity where children were given $2.50 to spend and learn how to spend within their means.

2. We have fun with @happytotshelf ‘s matching activity where children learn to identify the coins by their sizes.






Title: 小兔子学存钱系列| Money Bunny| Set of 4

Author and illustrator: Cinders Mcleod

Translator: 佘治莹

Format: Hardcover

Suitable age: 3-7 years old

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