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小人儿帮手.工程车系列| The little workers series| set of 3

小人儿帮手.工程车系列| The little workers series| set of 3


⚠️Warning to parents: 
Children notice everything and even those that adults miss. 

👀Mr 3 has sharp eyes for details as he is always pointing out the snail crawling on the pavement and the chameleon hiding in the bush. I realize that children are much more observant and aware than we think. 

This series that I’m recommending has such amazing details in the illustrations that we ended up spending more time on each book.

“ 妈妈,你看这个小人儿跌倒了!”

Mr 3 pointed out to me this particular worker who fell on almost every page but I actually missed it. 

“妈妈, 你看指挥方向的都戴红色的头盔。”

👷‍♂️He observed each colour of the helmet represented different roles. 

It is a great series to train our children’s observation skills. One thing I like about Japanese illustrators is that they are very detail-oriented and do you know that every machinery in the book is drawn to scale? 
🚛Moreover, this series scores points simply by having an excavator on the cover! This series features a group of little people, working together on their big machinery to accomplish ordinary tasks. 

🎂Imagine operating a crane and drilling truck just to break some eggs to bake a cake. For a mum who doesn’t necessarily like the same thing as my sons, at least I have something that I can relate to. 😆

Title: 小人儿帮手.工程车系列| The little workers series| set of 3
Author: Nakagawa Chihiro
illustrator : Junji Koyose
Translated From: Japanese 
Translator : 林静
Format: Hardcover books 
Special mention: 荣获儿童文学评论杂志The Horn Book2008年度最优秀图书奖
Suitable age: 18 months- 4years old
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