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宫西达也小卡车系列| Trucks series | Set of 5

宫西达也小卡车系列| Trucks series | Set of 5


Don’t compare your child to others. There’s no comparison between the sun and the moon.  They shine when it is their time.”🌜🌞

This truth is fully captured in this series that I am recommending. 

Each book tells the story of how five trucks of distinct personalities overcome obstacles, and work with others to deliver their goods successfully. 

小红: lack of confidence
小黄 : slowcoach 
小黑:  show-off 
小粉: faint-hearted 
小绿: optimistic 

What I like about this series is that there is no judgment or bias made by the author, just a celebration of different personalities and diversity of strengths each individual can contribute. 

The five trucks demonstrate grit and resilience in the journey as each of them harness their unique strengths to accomplish their tasks. It is heartening to see how they eventually develop into a better version of themselves. 

My boy was fascinated by the various types of vehicles that appear in the books. What made reading aloud so interesting for this series were the many child-like dialogues that help to unfold the story plot💭

Did you catch a glimpse of your child in any of the characters in this series? 

Indeed, each child is a unique blueprint. Focusing on knowing who they are and embracing them for being their authentic selves instead of looking through our own tinted glasses with expectations of them, is vital in developing their self-love, acceptance and confidence.

Title: 宫西达也小卡车系列|  Set of 5
By: Miyanishi Tatsuya
Translated by: 王志庚
Translated from: Japanese 
Format: soft back 
Special Mention: 日本童书研究会选定图书
Suitable age: 3 Years Old and aboveo
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