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宫西达也温馨恐龙系列 |Tyrannosaurus Series| Set of 7

宫西达也温馨恐龙系列 |Tyrannosaurus Series| Set of 7


The bittersweet endings of this series  allow the young readers to experience warmth and love. With bold strokes and colourful illustrations, this series will also teach your kids on kindness and forgiveness as well as friendship and family ties. Through the story , you will be reminded of how one can become stronger and gentler for the one you love. You may not be a dinosaur lover, but if you love good story plots, this series is for you and the little one.


This series is extremely popuar with young boys, with combined sales of 3 million copies in Japan, China, Korea, Taiwan and France.


By: Tatsuya Miyanishi
Translated from: Japanese
Format: paperback
Award received:the Kodansha Cultural Award for Picture Books, the Kenbuchi Picture Book Grand Prize
Suitable age: 4+

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