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宝宝点读认知发声书 | Bilingual Audio Book

宝宝点读认知发声书 | Bilingual Audio Book


❓Have you wondered why your child wants to repeat the same song or story a zillion times?

🗣This is actually a common sign of sensitivity for spoken language.

🙊The Montessori’s sensitive period for spoken language is from 7 months to 3 years. As quoted by @freedom_montessori , “it is best to work with their natural motivation and focus and not against them.” So, as parents what we can do is to recognise our child’s sensitive period and try to support this development.

📚There is this sound book that I would strongly recommend to young toddlers who are learning to talk! For many nights straight, Mr 2 has been requesting for the same book before bedtime and the audio function allows him to explore the book independently!

Features of this sound book:

First press: Name of the vehicles in English and Chinese

Second press: Authentic sound of the vehicles

Third press: Catchy poems tunes

👀Mr 2 has fun finding all the red markings that produce sounds and I would say that gives him a sense of fulfillment and a chance to train his hand eyes coordination.

🎵I also caught Mr 2 repeating and humming to himself to the poem tunes. This sound book helps to expand their vocabulary, all at the press of a button!






Title: 宝宝点读认知发声书 | Bilingual Audio Book

Author: 权惠娟

illustrator: 香蕉猴

Format: Hardcover

Suitable age: 0-4 years old

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