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安的种子| An’s seed

安的种子| An’s seed

This thought provoking book 《安安的种子 》is about the beauty of waiting and the wisdom of understanding nature. Three disciples with different personalities are tasked to grow their three thousand years lotus seed but each yield a different result. Whose seed will eventually grow and bloom? 

❓Is it the one who is the fastest? Is it the one who overprotects? Or is it the one who has the wisdom to understand the law of nature and only plants when the time is right?

📈I love the fact that though this is a picture book for children, it speaks to even the parents. 
Indeed, each flower given the right conditions,  will bloom in its own timing. This applies to parenting as well. We are always expecting our children to meet certain standards by a certain time. But what’s most important is to understand the needs of the child and they will shine when is the right time. 

❤️I hope that through this book, we can plant this seed of patience in the little one’s heart. 

Title: 《安的种子》| An’s seed
Author :王早早
Illustrator:  黄丽 
Format: Hardcover
Special mention: 中国第一届丰子恺优秀儿童童话书奖
Suitable age: 4 years old and above 
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