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字是画 画是字 | Words are Pictures Pictures are Words

字是画 画是字 | Words are Pictures Pictures are Words

What is the biggest challenge your child face in their journey of learning to write Chinese characters?❌ They see no pattern in the combination of stroke( 笔画) and radicals (部首). Each character looks like a random alien word to them.❌They find it difficult to remember the slight differences between the characters. Eg: 自(己)Vs (已)经, the length of the stroke makes such a big difference! ❌ They associate writing Chinese characters with no fun and drilling. We came upon this series which is recommended by many mothers and we see why. It helps your child to master simple Chinese characters by: ✅understanding the meaning behind each radical and the different characters it can form. ✅ introducing the basic strokes in Chinese characters. ✅ exposing them to the simple  Chinese characters through hieroglyph. Some of the Chinese characters originated from pictures( hieroglyph), and pre-schoolers are drawn to images. This is a good way to build their foundation in learning how to write in Chinese. Many students are facing this problem of “会说不会写,会听不会读”. I hope that by going back to the origin of our Chinese characters, it will help them better appreciate our culture and instill more interest in learning.Title: 字是画 画是字| Pictures are Words , Words are Pictures | Set of 3Author and illustrator: 小象汉字Format: Hardcover Suitable age: 4years old - Primary School
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