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娜娜自理能力培养立体手工书 |Nana’s road to independence

娜娜自理能力培养立体手工书 |Nana’s road to independence

Is your little toddler at a stage where he grows to assert his autonomy and independence? Are you creating more opportunities for his new found autonomy or are you trying to curb it because it just creates more mess? 
娜娜快乐成长系列 is a series that is relatable  to a child’s life and at the same time they can pick up some important life skills. From tying shoe laces to wearing the mask;from cleaning the room to washing up;from learning to use the potty to changing clothes, this series can fully satisfied the desire of the toddler to do things on his own. It can also act as a training ground for the little hands to improve their motor skills. 
By : 陈长海主编
Format: Interactive Board books
Suitable age: 2-5 years
Awards: China’s Best 100 books for children
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