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妈妈买绿豆 |Let's get some Mung Bean, Mummy!

妈妈买绿豆 |Let's get some Mung Bean, Mummy!


Realism based books such as this can evoke meaningful reality based discussions. So for parents who adopt Montessori as their teaching philosophy, you can check this out! 


Join this Mother and son as they find wonder and joy in everyday life--- in going grocery shopping, in cooking and eating green bean soup together,in witnessing the growth of their green bean--- and learning that happiness can be found in very simple and mundane chores. All you have to do is just to open your eyes and heart to see the beauty of things.


By : 曾阳晴Zeng Yang Qing
From: Taiwan Literature 
Format: Hardcover 
Award Received : “信谊幼儿文学奖”佳作 
Suitable age: 2+
Suggested activities : Grow green beans  and record the growth. Cook and eat green beans together! Understand the life cycle of a plant. Visit a neighbourhood grocery stall.

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