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好忙的除夕| Busy Chinese New Year Eve

好忙的除夕| Busy Chinese New Year Eve

Who says that picture books for children can’t be informative? This book gives a lot of depth into our customs and traditions of CNY,  written from the perspective of a child. You can feel the excitement and the CNY hustle and bustle as the family prepares for the celebration. 

This is a Montessori- friendly book as the storyline is based in reality. The children can relate easily to their life experience as they celebrate one of the most important festivals in our Chinese culture. 

It is also an enjoyable reading time for me as I remincised about my own childhood days, counting my Ang Paos and playing with my cousins! 

I hope your children will have their own CNY memories! 

Title: 好忙的除夕
By : 台湾作者翁艺珊
Format: Hardcover 
Suitable age: 18 months and above
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