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大鲸鱼玛丽莲  | Abigail The whale

大鲸鱼玛丽莲 | Abigail The whale


"Abigail's Underwater Journey"is a picture book that follows Abigail, a girl who struggles with her body image and bullying during swimming lessons. With the help of her swimming teacher, she learns a visualization technique to change her perspective.

Through imaginative thinking, Abigail embraces her uniqueness and gains confidence, resilience, and self-acceptance.

The book explores themes of bullying, empathy, confidence, and creative problem-solving, promoting social and emotional learning.






Author and illustrated by:David Cali, Sonja Bougaeva

Translated from: French

Translator: 孙敏

Format: Hardcover

Suitable age: 4 years old and above

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