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 大家来刷牙| Brush your teeth please

大家来刷牙| Brush your teeth please


Which child can resist imitating brushing teeth for the lion? 

🪥Is your toddler into brushing teeth? Brushing teeth is a daily battle with my son and he often ends up in tears and me in frustration. 

😱In my desperate attempt,  I secretly placed some sesame seeds on his toothbrush when brushing and pretended that they came out from his mouth. You should look at how his face turned into horror! 

📚You do not have to resort to such nasty tricks. One way is to get them excited with books about brushing teeth! 

🪞This is a delightful book that helps model good brushing habits and you can even practise brushing and flossing on the animals. We love the little surprise in the end. Mr 3 would always check his teeth on the mirror designed on the last page. 

👶🏻However, as the mechanism can be quite fragile, this book would be more suitable for 2 years old and above! 


Title:  大家来刷牙| Brush your teeth please 
Author:Leslie McGuire
illustrator : Jean Pidgeon
Translated from: English
Translator: 祁亮
Format: Hardcover Pop-up book
Suitable age: 2-5 years old
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