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大卫不可以! No David!

大卫不可以! No David!


The many mischievous acts that Little David committed were no unfamiliar and your child may be quite thrilled to find out that, he’s not the only one who will climb a chair to reach something , run out of the shower naked , imitate his favourite animal and jump on the bed. And of course , digging his nose. 


No matter how rebellious and destructive David was, it all ended with a hug from the mother/ teacher. I Guess this is the heart of all parents , to let our children know that their  actions does not make us love them any more or less. We love them all the same. 


One interesting fact about this series is that the pictures were actually drawn by the author when he was young.  His mother sent the book to him after he grew up. That’s the reason why it is so childlike and relatable to children. 

”大卫不可以 !” This is the only phrase that rang throughout the book. I love to engage children  with books that have minimal words. That’s because such  books allow space for the kids to infer meaning and invite more open ended responses. You can develop their imagination by pointing to the pictures and asking them questions too.

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