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大卫不可以!系列 No David Series | 5 in a set

大卫不可以!系列 No David Series | 5 in a set

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This Christmas series brought smiles to me and my “little David”. Children get a lot of “No”s from the adults and the scenes from the book are just re-enacts of our daily lives at home. David’s actions are not unusual and many children can sure identity with him. 


Parents can best relate to the last page as no matter how mischievous David is, he still received a big hug from his parents. As many “no”s we say to our children, we still want them to know we love them unconditionally and nothing could ever change that. 


This is a fun book that many children will enjoy as it is simple and relatable. If you would like to instil interest and build confidence in your child for reading Chinese, you can start with such books that have eye-catching illustrations and minimal words. 

You may not appreciate the seemingly messy or “imperfect” style of the illustrations but the pages are drawn by a 5 year kid for children( the author drew them when he was 5!) , so I’m sure your kids will be drawn to it.


By : David Shannon
From: English 
Format: Hardcover ( set of 5) 
Award Received : prestigious Caldecott Honor for the first book “No! David “
Suitable age: 1 -4

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