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If your child is an avid LEGO builder , you will not want to miss this book on Chinese New Year!



Embark on an adventure with Daddy LEGO as he tried all ways to reunite with his LEGO family before the clock struck 12 on Chinese New Year’e eve.



An action pack story for the adventurous soul on the theme of kinship. As much as Daddy LEGO wants to go back to his “home”, the little owner yearns for his Father to come back too.



This book displays the beautiful interaction between the western culture of LEGO and traditional Chinese culture. Not to mention, Lego figurings and playsets are all drawn to scale and set in the backdrop of a Chinese family.



I’m amazed at how seamlessly Chinese culture is integrated with every child’s favourite: LEGO! This is what we called “一石二鸟” when it comes to cultural immersion. 😬







Title: 团圆| Reunion

Author: 杨默

illustrator: 牟悠然

Format: Hardcover

Suitable age: 3 years old and above

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