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哇!这是什么 | what’s this !

哇!这是什么 | what’s this !

Pick up any ordinary object at home and think of as many uses as possible. You will have to think out of the box to win this game! It will tickle the creativity bone in our children! 

This book 《哇!这是什么》is created in the same spirit. 

Creativity examines all the different ways the “mustache” can be used. You will discover the “mustache “ can be:

🤡A clown’s shoes
🐌 A snail 
🐫A camel’s back 
🏝An island

The list goes on …Your child can even come up with their version! 

This book promotes creativity by encouraging divergent thinking and exploring different possibilities. A fun book that involves your child’s participation! 

(This last copy has some dents on the book cover, order only when you are comfortable.)

Title: 哇!这是什么 | what’s this ! 
Author and illustrator: Cecile Boyer ( French) 
Translator: 傅嘉玮
Format: Hardcover  
Suitable age: 2-4 years old
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